The Artist In the Age of Digital Reproduction: Creative Practice in a Post-Guttenberg Galaxy (PDF) 

How digital technology has redefined what it is now to be an artist Dan Westlake © 2011

The Art of Absence (PDF)
A micro text exploring the history of art and its relationship with the idea of 'absence'. Originally Published in Matt Roberts' ArtArtArt Magazine
Dan Westlake © 2009

Art After Art (PDF)
A look at the history of arts relationship to new technolgies and digital technology's new paradigm.
Dan Westlake © 2011

Time Exhibition Text: Some Brief Notes on Time (PDF)
Text that accompanied exhibition held at We Are Arts Gallery @ Central Saint Martins.
Dan Westlake © 2011

Barthes is Dead: The Re-birth of the Author (PDF)
Short essay looking at authorship, art and ethics.
Dan Westlake © 2009

Anti-Production (PDF)
A short polemic positing a call for less production as a moral imperitive.
Dan Westlake © 2008

Words: Selected Writings on Art and Language 2008-2009 (PDF)
A number of short connected pieces concerning art, society language
Dan Westlake © 2008/9